Correct Your Glove Presentation

The Libke Pro Fielder is designed to hold your fingers back, pushing your palm open when inserted and attached to the glove — this forces the correct glove presentation. Having the ability to take ground balls correctly every time without fear will boost your confidence as a fielder.

Lack of confidence or fear can affect your timing and readiness. Instead of catching the ball in front of you, you may be late and, out of urgency, stab at the ball in an attempt to catch it, or field the ball too deep.

With the Libke Pro Fielder, you will not be able to field the ball deep in your fielding position because the tool forces your hand and wrist open, putting the glove in front of you. The Libke Pro Fielder will also force you to move your feet swiftly and efficiently to catch the ball, helping to improve footing and making you an all around better athlete.

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or playing baseball or softball on a professional level, the Libke Pro family of products can help elevate your game and improve your ability to field the ball. Improve your game and stand out on the diamond with Libke Pro!